Hello and welcome! As it says above, I am Hugh, and I am an actor, author, and voice over artist from the UK. I live in Bath, but am also frequently in London.

In acting, I have a lot of experience on both stage and screen, though have worked primarily in film and television for the last few years. In voice acting, I have worked on productions ranging from BBC Radio 4 to Audible, and frequently provide voices and narration for audiobooks. I have a professional recording studio for this purpose.

My debut children’s book – The Almost Animals – was published by Strident, and follows the adventures of Angle the crocogator and her fellow hybrid animals, known as aminals (“They are animals, they’re just a bit mixed up”). This is where my fascination for natural history meets my bizarre imagination.

Outside acting and writing, I have one foot in the natural world, and a degree in zoology – hence all the wildlife photos on my Instagram! I spent the last few months of 2019 working in Borneo with Orangutan Appeal UK, and look forward to more adventures in this field. In 2020 I was offered, and I accepted, a position on the board of directors for Orangutan Appeal UK.

I hope that everything you need can easily be found on this website, but if not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either through my agents or directly. I am also happy to be contacted through social media, so feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram.


As with most British actors, I started off on stage. I love the theatre and the thrill of performing in front of a live audience, but I also enjoy the style of acting needed for screen, and it is towards this that my career has leaned in recent times. My credits range from Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to playing an Auror in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and facing up to the Daleks as Zak in Doctor Who. For a full credit list, please see my Spotlight CV.

TRAINING: Acting – Bristol Old Vic, ITV Acting for Film & Television, Shakespeare with Mark McGann, Physical Theatre – UoL, Classical Theatre Studies, Devised Theatre, Bath Theatre Royal Play-reading


I have experience with radio, voice overs, narration, ADR, and audiobooks, and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating believable characters using only my voice. My natural voice is a clear and engaging Received Pronunciation, but I am adept at various regional and international accents, and am always keen to practise and perfect new ones. For my credits, please see my Spotlight CV.

TRAINING: Advanced Voice-over, Commercial Voice-over, Voicing Audiobooks, Voice-over for Gaming, Voicing Characters (Gravy for the Brain), as well as vocal work within my acting training.

RED FORGE SOUND is a professional recording studio which I run with my brother at his photographic studios, and use for remote voice-over production. It is also available to hire. Contact Red Forge Studios or me for more information.



Everyone has heard of crocodiles.
Everyone has also heard of alligators.
But have you ever heard of a crocogator?

How about an orangupanda or a deerkat?
Or a rhinuffalo?

These, and other marvellously peculiar creatures, are THE AMINALS! They are animals, they are just a bit mixed up.

Angle is a crocogator. But she has a problem. She doesn’t fit in with the other aminals.

The thing is, a crocodile looks rather like an alligator, and an alligator looks rather like a crocodile. So she doesn’t really look like an aminal at all.

Angle decides that she must leave Nowhere, the cliff-side village of the aminals, and venture into Elsewhere.

But does Angle belong anywhere? She must encounter aminals, animals, and even a furry boulder to find out…


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