The Almost Animals

Everyone has heard of crocodiles.
Everyone has also heard of alligators.
But have you heard of a crocogator?
How about an orangupanda or a deerkat?
Or a rhinuffalo?

These, and other marvellously peculiar creatures, are THE AMINALS! They are animals, they are just a bit mixed up.

Angle is a crocogator. But she has a problem. She doesn’t fit in with the other aminals. The thing is, a crocodile looks rather like an alligator, and an alligator looks rather like a crocodile. So she doesn’t really look like an aminal at all.

Angle decides that she must leave Nowhere, the cliff-side village of the aminals, and venture into Elsewhere. But does Angle belong anywhere? She must encounter aminals, animals, and even a furry boulder to find out…


The Almost Animals is where my fascination for natural history meets my bizarre imagination.

Published by Strident in 2015, The Almost Animals is my debut children’s book. For reviews and further information, please use the links at the top of the page.

I am currently working on a middle-grade novel about…different animals.


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