New website, now with added blog

Well, my new website is now up and running after a much needed overhaul. I decided to add this blog/news section, just to throw in updates about me, my work, my life, and anything else that for some reason falls outside those categories.

I've also added some backdated entries, just know...get the ball rolling.

Thanks all, and keep on truckin'.


Shakespeare Masterclass with Mark McGann

I spent last Saturday with the marvellous Mark McGann, and a small group of actors. It was wonderfully enjoyable and instructive. Mark is extremely knowledgable and talented, as well as being unfailingly enthusiastic. I had been given Macbeth's final soliloquy to prepare. I must admit, Macbeth is one of the plays from which I turned away after being taught about it very poorly in English lessons, but it was rewarding to return to it after all these years.

In a stroke of luck, the workshop was held at the beautiful Holburne Museum, which is about a five minute walk from my flat.