Hamley is a pog

From the Strident blog:

"He’s also one of our favourite aminals.

Aminals are, of course, animals that derive from 2 species. Can you guess which species feature in Hamley’s phylogenetic tree.

Hamley is a bundle of fun. He crashes into Hugh Holman‘s The Almost Animals like a bowling ball into skittles.

Which is your favourite aminal?"



Interviewed by Lou Treleaven

Lou Treleaven is a children's author, writing coach, and playwright. Her books include The Snugglewump, The Snowflake Mistake, and Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip. She is also a lovely human, not least because she keeps an updated list of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts on her website.

When I finished writing The Almost Animals, I used this list to find Strident, an independent publisher who I thought sounded like a good home for my book. The rest, as they say, is history...as they say.

When The Almost Animals was published, Lou interviewed me about the process, and that very interview can be viewed here (*blushes*) - Hugh Holman's success story

Thank you Lou!