Camberwell Library

I was invited to give a talk at the beautifully-refurbished Camberwell Library, to classes from two local schools. This was really my first author event, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, although one of the first things the lovely librarian said to me was that Anne Fine had just given a talk there. So that was reassuringly intimidating.

Which is your favourite Aminal?

From the Strident blog:


"Today sees the publication of Hugh Holman‘s The Almost Animals. It’s a gem of a book aimed at reading age 7+ but which will delight ‘read to’ children from 5 upwards.

We wonder what everyone’s favourite aminal will be. And that’s not a spelling mistake – we do mean aminal.

Our particular favourite – apart from the star of the show, Angle the crocogator – is the Snortoise (below) that appears at the side of The Always Pond each day. It doesn’t say much, but that’s just fine.


Having said that, Spriglet makes us laugh. Spriglet is half snail, half blue sea slug and very funny. (We think adults reading to children will particularly enjoy Spriglet’s contribution.)


There are loads more to choose from, including The Old Codgers. Why are they called that? You’ll need to read the book to find out."

By Keith Charters - Strident Article